PURCHASE ASSISTANCE looking for the perfect new computer, but overwhelmed by all the options?  Not sure what will help you accomplish your particular goals?  Let Bolars Computer Specialists assist you in determining your needs, customizing the ideal system for you, and if needed, placing the order to get your new equipment.  We have helped lots of people and businesses make sure they do not forget any critical software or hardware that they just can't live without.  Take the guesswork out of buying a new system by getting an expert to work with you.

SETUP setting up a computer for the first time, or moving it to another room in your home or office can be intimidating when you look at all the wires plugged into the back.  We can help you make sense of all those wires to make sure everything gets connected correctly.  We will gladly help you unpack, relocate, and connect everything that came with your system to be sure it is all hooked up and working properly.  We can also help you get your new software setup to make sure the options that you need will be available to you.

DISPOSAL - not sure what to do with that old equipment?  Considering dumping it into the local landfill?  We can help you get rid of unwanted, outdated computer equipment.  From laptops to monitors to printers, if they are taking up space in your closet or garage, and no longer being used, we will gladly accept your computer discards, working or not.  So just what do we do with all this outdated equipment?  During our less busy hours, we take old, outdated equipment, and repair those that can be repaired.  These items are then given to local charities or needy families that don't necessarily need the latest and greatest technology. 

Contact us if you could benefit from our setup or purchase assistance programs, or if you have a closet full of old equipment that you no longer need.


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